OP07 on 5V single supply

I wanted to know whether the venerable OP07 is still useable on a single 5V supply. It is not a rail-to-rail device, and neither is it specified for a single supply voltage (let alone such a small one), but its DC characteristics (offset, drift, tempco) are much better than those of the other jellybeans LM321 / LM358 / LM324.
So I cobbled together a small test circuit on a piece of perfboard and ran a simple test with a sound card and REW. Assuming that the DC characteristics are not negatively affected, I would state that the OP07 and OP27 are good to within +-1V of the single supply voltage. That's not very useful for microcontroller projects with ADCs going down to Ground, but it might still come in handy for signal conditioning in purely analog designs.


Schematic of the test circuit


The scope plots are conveniently showing an extent of 0V to 5V, with the center line at 2.5V.

OP07 maximum undistorted output


OP27 maximum undistorted output


OP07 starting to clip


OP27 starting to clip


OP07 heavy clipping


OP27 heavy clipping


Frequency range of the test circuit. OP07 in black, OP27 in red.